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Staff Council Spotlight: Compensation Modernization

Vice Chancellor for Human Resources James Gallaher and Project Manager for Human Resources Shahfar Shaari will address questions as Pitt moves forward with the new job classification system as part of the Compensation Modernization project. 

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Staff Council May 2023 Spring Assembly

 Dr. Michelle  Schein and  Dr. Laura Dietz, of SHRS presented at the Staff Council's first Hybriid Spring Assembly. In the presentation, they reviewed  different types of stress and how it affects our perceptions and responses to situations at work, at home, and with others in our lives.  They also outlined how becoming increasingly aware of our stress points and engaging in "real life" self-care practices can begin to help us carry the load with grace, humility, humor, and increased confidence.

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Coffee and Conversations: Provost Ann E. Cudd

If you were not able to make our first edition of Coffee and Conversations, please enjoy watching it here!

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University Counseling Center, HEART team and Pitt Police.

In this presentation, you will learn about the origin, operations, goals, and interventions of the HEART program as well as to initiate HEART services for students in need.

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Staff Recruitment Tips and Strategies: How the DSAS Hiring Committee Initiatives Improved Staff Hiring with Maureen Lazar, Director of Workforce Effectiveness  and Stacey Williard, Hiring and Engagement Coordinator, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences

In Fall 2021, the Dietrich School and the College of General Studies launched a centralized hiring effort aimed at streamlining and enhancing the experience of both hiring managers and prospective employees. Since this initiative began, 80 new staff members have joined the Dietrich School through the centralized hiring process, with several more currently in varying stages of being hired. Hiring for all Administrative I, Administrative II, and Student Services positions occur through two centralized committees comprised of staff from across the school.

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Demystifying Title IX Present by Zachary Davis, Gender Discrimination and Title IX Response Manager, Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion     

The following spotlight may not be utilized as an alternative to the University’s required training and education for its affiliates on matters pertaining to sexual misconduct. If you or your area need assistance in scheduling a training or education opportunity, please contact the Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at

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Tuition Exchange Information Session presented by Peter Cappucci, Lindsay Bandison, Tammy Weaver

Tuition Exchange provides an opportunity for University of Pittsburgh employees to have their dependents be considered for competitive scholarships at other institutions. Faculty and staff with current or future college-seeking dependents are encouraged to join Financial Aid and Human Resources to learn what Tuition Exchange has to offer. Learn about the program, eligibility requirements, application process, and more to discover if Tuition Exchange is right for your family.

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Pitt IT, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Assessment Project

Presented by Michelle Fullem & Dianne DeNezza, on Thursday, October 20, from noon until 1 p.m.
The University of Pittsburgh Offices of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), Provost, and Pitt Research have launched an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Assessment project to review the University’s financial (PRISM), student information (PeopleSoft), pre- and post-award research administration, project costing, and other key enterprise-wide systems. Learn more about the project goals, objectives and timeline of the assessment project.
Along with ERP, Pitt IT Analytics is working to modernize the university’s data and reporting infrastructure. Join us to learn about our efforts to bring together users from across campus to improve data offerings with Tableau, opportunities for training and self-service, and discover how our partnership with AWS will help lay the groundwork for advanced analytics, AI, and ML.

Staff Council Spotlight on Budget ReSTART

On March 30, Hari Sastry, senior vice chancellor and chief financial officer, gave a presentation and answered questions on Budget ReSTART. More than 200 people attended. Read more about the Staff Council presentation, and other relevant information on the new budget model.


Walk to Work

Thank you to, Paul A. Supowitz, Special Assistant for Strategic Initiatives in the Office of the Chancellor, Lina Dostilio,Vice chancellor of engagement and community affairs, and James Gallaher Vice Chancellor Human Resources, presented a Walk to Work Housing program on May 10, 2022. Recorded Presentation can be viewed here.

 Staff Council Spotlight: Compensation Modernization

Presented by James Gallaher, Vice Chancellor of Human Resources and Shahfar Shaari, Director of Organizational Transformation, Pitt IT; Interium Director,Human Capital Management Application, Pitt IT

The University’s existing Compensation Modernization project within the Office of Human Resources’ Shaping the Workplace Initiative includes aligning positions and mapping career pathways for staff members within the University’s infrastructure. The project will provide an expanded, robust job-based structure for greater role clarity and consistency throughout the University. A job catalog, including standard job descriptions and job families, will be built to compare jobs to market, assess for internal equity, and provide resources to recruit top talent. This presentation will provide a brief overview of work accomplished, work in progress, and a timeline of implementation.

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 Compensation Resources:

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Pitt's Climate Action Plan: Aurora Sharrard, Executive Director of Sustainability

The University of Pittsburgh’s first Climate Action Plan sets a roadmap to carbon neutrality by 2037. Learn more about how staff can help Pitt combat climate change on- and off-campus, while supporting global efforts to ease the pressures of climate change on the world's most vulnerable populations. Recent and upcoming campus sustainability achievements and opportunities will also be covered!

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