Staff Relations Committee Members

Lindsay Rodzwicz, Chair Bioengineering
Monika Losagio, Vice Chair Staff Support- Languages
Yvonne Brewster, Officer Liaison Department of Surgery 
Liza Allison Swanson School of Engineering
Shawn Artman Research Support Services
Tammeka Banks School of Education
Susan Benton DLAR - Administration Services
Lauren Butler Office of Faculty Affairs, School of Medicine
Larissa Ciuca School of Computing and Information
Doris Dick Office of Child Development, School of Education
Maryellen Gannon Undergraduate Studies Dietrich School
Kathy Hansell-Prigg School of Medicine - Office of the Dean
Christina Hay Business & Auxiliary Services -  Financial Operations
Sharon Joyner Communication Science and Disorders
Adriana Maguina- Ugarte Anthropology
Caitlin Mainchin Office of the Chancellor
Jonah McAllister-Erickson Scholarly Communication and Publishing
Jesse Mullen College of Business Administration
Shari Murphy Medicine- Development Biology
Daniel Parker Department of Medicine, Research Administration
Tasha Peacock Office of Admissions & Financial Aid
Kimberly S. Phillips Information Technology
Karen Sellitto School of Nursing - Office of the Dean
Lesa Skukan Undergraduate Studies Dietrich School
Clayton Steup School of Medicine/ Admissions and Financial Aid
Kelly Tatone Environmental/Occupational Health 
Brittany Witoslawski Office of the Provost
Julia Yingling School of Medicine, Office of Faculty Affairs