Staff Relations Committee Members

Lindsay Rodzwicz, Chair Bioengineering
Monika Losagio, Vice Chair Staff Support- Languages
Yvonne Brewster, Officer Liaison Department of Surgery 
Liza Allison Swanson School of Engineering
Shawn Artman Research Support Services
Tammeka Banks School of Education
Susan Benton DLAR - Administration Services
Doris Dick Office of Child Development, School of Education
Maryellen Gannon Undergraduate Studies Dietrich School
Kathy Hansell-Prigg School of Medicine - Office of the Dean
Christina Hay Business & Auxiliary Services -  Financial Operations
Sharon Joyner Communication Science and Disorders
Adriana Maguina- Ugarte Anthropology
Caitlin Mainchin Office of the Chancellor
Jonah McAllister-Erickson Scholarly Communication and Publishing
Laura Miller Schools of the Health Science
Jesse Mullen College of Business Administration
Shari Murphy Medicine- Development Biology
Daniel Parker Department of Medicine, Research Administration
Tasha Peacock Office of Admissions & Financial Aid
Kimberly S. Phillips Information Technology
Sandra Prigg-Monteverde GSPIA - Office of the Dean
Karen Sellitto School of Nursing - Office of the Dean
Lesa Skukan Undergraduate Studies Dietrich School
Clayton Steup School of Medicine/ Admissions and Financial Aid
Alison Sved Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
Kelly Tatone Environmental/Occupational Health 
Brittany Witoslawski Office of the Provost