Full Roster

Liza Allison Swanson School of Engineering
Marissa Arlet Office of Research Protections
Shawn Artman Research Support Services
Nancy Augustine School of Health and Rehabilitaion Sciences
Tammeka Banks School of Education
Susan Benton DLAR - Administration Services
Jeremy Biroscak Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
Yvonne Brewster, Vice President of Finance Department of Surgery
Lauren Butler Office of Faculty Affairs, School of Medicine
Pete Chambers Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
Larissa Ciuca School of Computing and Information
Diane Cohen GSPIA - Office of the Dean
Angie Coldren, President Office of Research Protections
Tricia Connell PAE CFR
Monica Costlow Health Policy and Management
Samuel Concelman Student Affairs
Doris Dick Office of Child Development, School of Education
Kenny Doty, Executive Vice President Information Technology, Swanson School of Engineering
Jody Federer College of Business Administration
Kristen Felser School of Dental Medicine/IMS Service Manager/Infection Control Committee
Luke Ferdinand Technical Support Services, IT, University Library Systems
Victoria Gamble Department of Medicine
Maryellen Gannon Undergraduate Studies Dietrich School
Kelly Gilliam Philanthropic and Alumni Engagement
Kathy Hansell-Prigg School of Medicine - Office of the Dean
Christina Hay Office of Research Protections
Jenny Huff Disability Resources
Victoria Ivock Katz Business School
Christine Jackson, Parliamentarian School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 
Sharon Joyner Communication Science and Disorders
Chad Jurica Office of Disability Resources and Services
Amy Kleebank, Vice President of Public Relations Office of University Communications
Barbara Klipa Medicine - Renal-Electrolyte
Denise Korzon Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
LaShanda Lemmon Linguistics
Monika Losagio, Staff Relations ,Vice Chair Staff Support- Languages
Tristian Lucchetti Falk Library
Jessica Lutz, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Vice Chair TRIO Student Services (SSS)
Suzanne Lynch Office of the Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor
Adriana Maguina-Ugarte Anthropology
Lynn Marendo Biostatistics
Dianne Mares,  External Relations Chair Student Affairs
Jonah McAllister-Erickson Scholarly Communication and Publishing
Brandi McClain Department of Communication
Caitlin McCullough, Operations,Co- Vice Chair Graduate School of Public Health - Office of the Dean
Kelly McDevitt GSPIA - Student Services
Caitlin Mainchin Office of the Chancellor
Meg Mayer-Costa Student Health Services
EJ Milarski- Veenis School of Education
Carol Miller Mathematics
James Miller School of Nursing
Jesse Mullen College of Business Administration
Shari Murphy Medicine- Development Biology
April O'Neil Payment Processing and Compliance
Dan Parker Department of Medicine, Research Administration
Tasha Peacock Office of Admissions & Financial Aid
Shannon Petsch Medicine
Kimberly S. Phillips Information Technology
Tyler Puhatch IT Contract Services
Anna Reinhard Computational and Systems Biology
Kimberly Robinson Rehabilitation Science and Technology
Pam Rikstad Department of Communication Science and Disorders
Lindsay Rodzwicz, Staff Relations Chair Bioengineering
Jocelyn Runyon Department of Plastic Surgery
Bee Schindler Health Sciences Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Erin Schuetz Student Services Specialist, Infectious Diseases and Microbiology
Karen Sellitto School of Nursing - Office of the Dean
Angel Servillo Medicine
Lesa Skukan Undergraduate Studies Dietrich School
Brian Smith Department of Plastic Surgery and Center for Military Medicine Research
Andy Stephany, President Emeritus Department of Medicine - HVI - Cardiology/Vascular Medicine Institute
Clayton Steup School of Medicine/ Admissions and Financial Aid
Scott Szypulski Department of Medicine- Research Administration
Kelly Tatone, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Chair Learning, Research & Development Center
Tiwanda Taylor  School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 
Jessica Townsend, Operations Chair Department of Medicine – Research Administration
Tricia Underwood, M.Ed. School of Social Work, Child Welfare Resource Center
Deb Whitfield, Operations, Co-Vice Chair School of Dental Medicine
Angela Williams Athletics
Brittany Witoslawski Office of the Provost
Amy Wylie Plastic Surgery
Julia Yingling School of Medicine, Office of Faculty Affairs
Samantha Young, Staff Life Chair School of Pharmacy -Professional and Graduate Programs  Alumni Coordinator
Alison Zappa School of Pharmacy, Office of the Dean