External Relations Committee Members

Dianne Mares, Chair   Student Affairs
EJ Milarski- Veenis (she/her) , Vice Chair   School of Education
Amy Kleebank, Officer Liaison   Office of University Communications
Marissa Arlet   Office of Research Protections
Tiffany Bicek   Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Samuel Concelman   Clinical and Translational Science Institute
Jody Federer   College of Business Administration
Kelly Gilliam   Philanthropic and Alumni Engagement
Kathleen Hansell- Prigg   MSTP/PSTP 
Joy Hart   Universiity Center for Teaching and Learning
Alyssa Holtz   School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Chad Jurica   Disability Resources
Denise Korzon   Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
Suzanne Lynch   Office of the Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor
Tasha Peacock   Institute of Politics at Pitt
Scott Szypulski   School of Public Health- Human Genetics
Tiwanda Taylor   School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 
RJ Thompson   Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor of Health Sciences
Tricia Underwood M,E.D   School of Social Work, Child Welfare Resource Center
Becky Wagner   Division of Laboratory Animal Resources