Staff Council Endowed Book Fund Winners

Past Awardees

2017 Staff Council Endowed Book Fund Awardees

Staff Council has been honored to distribute our annual Endowed Book Fund Award since 2001, providing financial assistance towards the purchase of books or supplies to Pitt undergraduate students whose parent or guardian is a staff member at the University. Our five 2017 recipients announced, are as follows:

Benjamin Brownfield: Senior at the Oakland campus and son of Todd Brownfield in the Office of University Counseling. (photo included)

Celina Celmo: Senior at the Oakland campus and daughter of Lisa Celmo from the Office of the University Registrar.

Catherine Dawson:  Senior at our Johnstown campus and daughter of Margaret Clements-Dawson from Financial Records Services.

Lauren Puccio: Junior at the Oakland campus and daughter of David Puccio in the University Center of Teaching and Learning. (photo included)

Andrew Stofesky: Senior at the Greensburg campus and son of Robert Stofesky from Student Health Services.


2016 Staff Council Endowed Book Fund Awardees

Nathanial Buettner: Sophomore at the Oakland campus studying Civil Engineering with an environmental engineering concentration. His career aspirations are focused on developing cost-effective and innovative green technology. His mother Aimee Buettner works in the University Child Development Center and has been at the University since 2015.

Richelle DeBlasio: Sophomore at the Oakland campus studying Biological Sciences. As a Biological Sciences major with minors in Chemistry and Dance, she hopes to practice medicine with a unique perspective on the disability community and a focus on promoting the self-advocacy of her patients.  Her parent is Weiping DeBlasio who works in the Education and Compliance Office and has been with the University since 2015.

Meg Flores: Junior at the Oakland campus studying Urban Studies. As an Urban Studies major concentrating in community organization, her primary aspiration is to work for a non-profit organization that would ideally focus on one of the following of her interests: immigrant/refugee rights, affordable housing, food insecurity, or public transportation. Her mother is Lori Flores and has been with the University since 2015 in the Facilities Management Department.

Keeley Germovsek: Sophomore at the Oakland campus studying Business with a concentration in Human Resources. With this degree she aspires to work within a HR department recruiting employees for a large company. She is also hoping to further her education and work towards a law degree. Her mother is Melissa Enlow-Germovsek who has worked in the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department since 2011. 

Patrick Germovsek: senior at the Greensburg campus studying Information Technology. His career goal is to obtain his IT degree with a primary focus on IT security. He truly feels this is the way of the future and that there will be a great demand for these types of jobs. His mother is also Melissa Enlow-Germovsek who has worked in the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department since 2011. 

2015 SAC Book Fund Award Recipients Announced!

In 2015 we were able to award each of six deserving students of staff members a five hundred dollar scholarship towards books and other supplies for the upcoming semester. We had the honor to present the SAC Endowed Book Fund Award to five of those students in person at the Chancellor’s annual Staff Recognition Ceremony on December 8th.

The recipients were:
Haylee Baxendell – Sophomore - Pittsburgh – Molecular Biology – Considering a PhD in Immunology to help advance research in the area of arthritis
Lisa Baxendell – UPMC Smoke Institute and with the university since 2003
Sarah Brasili – Sophomore - Johnstown – Accounting – Aspires to become a CPA to concurrently balance financial statements and a family
Andrea Brasili – PCI Fiscal since 2011
Alec DiVito – Junior - Pittsburgh – Neuroscience – Hopes to attend medical school and focusing helping those with mental illness
Daniel DiVito – Facilities Management since 2008
Julie Hartz
– Junior - Pittsburgh – Chemical Engineering – Inspired to lead in the creation of the next generation of medical devices
Jean Hartz – Health Sciences Research Administration since 2007
Lauren Morlacci – Senior - Pittsburgh – Industrial Engineering – Plans to turn her internship in a career, keeping a local manufacturer at peak performance in crafting critical parts for Westinghouse nuclear
Michael Morlacci – Admissions at Johnstown and with the university since 2013
Alexandra Savage – Junior - Pittsburgh – Mathematics and Computer Science – Hopes to dig in with data mining for the field of medicine, utilizing computer analysis to find connections and make predictions that are otherwise difficult to observe. Beverly Savage – Department of Anesthesiology since 2011

2014 SAC Book Fund Award Recipients Announced!

SAC honored this year’s book award recipients December 15 at the annual staff recognition ceremony and reception.  Gathered here are the scholarship winners, Chancellor Patrick Gallagher, and SAC Officers.

Awarded $500 from the SAC Book Fund, which offers money to the children of Pitt staff each year, are:

· Hannah Devlin, child of Mary Elaine Devlin in the Department of Medicine;

· Emily Kieffer , child of Lori Kieffer in the Department of Epidemiology;

· Jacey Hunter, child of Lisa Hunter in the Johnstown Office of the Registrar;

· Andrew Stefanick, child of Mary Carrubba Stefanick in the Department of Critical Care Medicine, and

· Jennifer Ruminski, child of Lynn Ruminski in the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

· Piper Dizak, child of Elaine Dizak in the Department of Oral Biology, received the Nordenberg Education Award of $750 in honor of Chancellor Emeritus Mark A. Nordenberg’s service to the University.  This was a one-time award of funds collected from current Staff Association Council members.

2014 SAC Book Fund Award Recipients Announced!

In 2013, the Staff Association Council awarded five $500 scholarships to children of Pitt staff members.  Your contribution to the Book Fund helps make these scholarships possible.

Two SAC Book Fund Scholarship recipients attended the Staff Recognition Ceremony with their families. Here, they are pictured with Chancellor Mark Nordenberg. VP of Marketing, Lindsay Rodzwicz is at far left. SAC President Rich Colwell is at far right.