The purpose of the University of Pittsburgh Staff Council (UPSC) is to represent staff in shared governance and to address philosophical and operational issues affecting the welfare of the staff and the University at all University of Pittsburgh campuses. 

UPSC acts as a communication channel between staff, faculty, students, the University Officers and Administrators, the Board of Trustees, and all officially recognized governance bodies of the University, including its regional campuses.

The resolutions, statements, proposals, and other advocacy documents listed below were developed by UPSC, passed by vote of the general membership, and shared out with campus governance bodies, partners, and collaborators.

University of Pittsburgh Staff Council Statement in Support of LGBTQIA+ Community

We, the members of Staff Council, renew our commitment to civility. We pledge allegiance and vow to remain resolute to our promise “to accept a moral obligation to behave in ways that contribute to a civil campus environment and resolve to support this behavior in others. This commitment to civility is [our] promise to the University of Pittsburgh and its community of scholars.” 

We will help plan, promote, and support parallel activities that are in keeping with the Pitt Promise and encourage caring and inclusivity, creating safe spaces for our community during the derisive scheduled events.

We extend solace and safe spaces to all who are sexual and gender minoritized people, with particular emphasis on those who are identifying beyond the gender binary and those who identify as transgender people. We are here for you, hear you, we see you, celebrate you and stand with you in solidarity.

Resolution Supporting a Parental/Lactation Policy at the University of Pittsburgh

UPSC, on behalf of its members and the University of Pittsburgh Staff at large, promotes the development of formal policy and practice recommendations for lactating employees; an update of the existing lactation room map, as well as a reassessment of these spaces; the growth of resources for pregnant and/or lactating employees; and the expansion and improvement of available resources, support, and encouragement of lactating employees.

Statement in Support of Reproductive Rights

UPSC acknowledges and supports those staff who are or may be affected by the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade.  We stand with and uphold all those who have been historically and systemically oppressed and who are therefore at greater risk of health inequities and mortality. We acknowledge the disproportionate suffering that will be experienced by those in lower socio-economic and/or racially minoritized communities.

Resolution Supporting the Acknowledgement and Inclusion of Indigenous Peoples at the University of Pittsburgh

UPSC supports the inclusion of Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the University calendar; promotes the adoption of Indigenous Peoples’ Day as an observed holiday at the University of Pittsburgh; recommends the University collaborate with staff, students, and faculty who are indigenous, as well as partner with local groups, to understand the needs and desires of Native community members; and implores the University of Pittsburgh to provide space on campus to acknowledge the Indigenous Peoples of Western Pennsylvania.

Resolution to Advocate for the University of Pittsburgh’s Recognition of Juneteenth as a Paid Vacation Day for Employees

UPSC supports the inclusion of Juneteenth as an observed holiday at the University of Pittsburgh in addition to existing paid days off in observance and in honor of this very important day in America History.