Staff Council is comprised of 90 volunteer members from across the Pittsburgh campus. Members have voting rights and are required to serve on one of the four standing committees:  Staff Life, External Relations, Staff Relations or Operations.

Staff Life

The Staff Life Committee serves to promote the health, safety and security among all members of the University of Pittsburgh community. Some examples of their work include:

  • Reviewing and making recommendations regarding issues of transportation including but not limited to: pedestrian traffic issues, public transportation, and parking (One current proposal to add a mirror to aid exiting Soldiers & Sailors Parking Garage has been submitted to the Parking & Transportation Department)
  • Reviewing and making recommendations regarding issues of technology including but not limited to email, software, and telecommunications
  • Organize staff CPR classes
  • Mapping AEDs on campus
  • Work with External Relations on technology matters
  • Help facilitate Active Shooter Trainings at Pitt

Staff Life members

External Relations

The External Relations committee serves as Staff Council's public relations manager and is responsible for planning many of the events sponsored by Staff Council, such as:

  • Brown Bag Seminar Series
  • Pitt Day at Kennywood
  • Food Drives
  • Behind the scenes tour of Soldiers & Sailors Memorial

This committee also works with other departments at Pitt to share information relevant to University of Pittsburgh staff.

External Relations members

Staff Relations

The Staff Relations Committee serves to ensure that University of Pittsburgh staff is well informed about university policies & procedures, some of their work includes: 

  • Making recommendations for Staff Council endorsement regarding employee benefits and informing University employees of their available benefits.
  • Reviewing and making recommendations for Staff Council endorsements regarding employee classification issues, compensation procedures, and associated processes.
  • Supporting staff members through the staff grievance procedure by providing guidance on University policies and procedures.
  • Reviewing and making recommendations regarding staff related diversity and inclusion issues, concerns, or initiatives.
  • Created and oversees the Staff Council Mentoring Program.
  • Partnering with External Relations on Brown Bag events.
  • Fostering a working relationship with the University’s Human Resources Department.

 Staff Relations members


The Operations Committee serves to ensure that Staff Council operates according to the established by-laws and codes of conduct. Some of their work includes:

  • Continuous review and revision of Staff Council Bylaws.
  • Developing and implementing membership and leave of absence guidelines for Staff Council membership.
  • Reviewing and recommending potential changes to the Bylaws, Code of Conduct, and Operations Manual for Staff Council.
  • Implementing and interpreting policies related to Staff Council member attendance and behavior as specified in the Staff Council Bylaws and Code of Conduct.
  • Maintaining records pertaining to member attendance and meeting minutes.
  • Researching information and data pertinent to staff issues and Staff Council projects.

Operations Members

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) Committee serves to promote social justice within the University of Pittsburgh Staff Council (UPSC) and in the broader campus community, by encouraging and providing professional development with critical thought, collaboration with campus partners, amplification, advocacy, allyship, and education.

Promote equity, diversity and inclusion in:

  • UPSC membership, all Pitt staff across campus, and education for staff.
  • Partner with existing campus groups to amplify and educate – with a focus on staff.
  • Provide speakers and learning opportunities for staff at the university.
  • Research and coordinate educational sessions on related topics.
  • Identify areas where improvement is needed, research and benchmark the need, seek partners to join in championing solutions, and pursue improvements through campus governance.

Research and prepare statements of support and allyship on behalf of UPSC.

Statement of Intent

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Members